Core values

At Pediatric Dental Group of Colorado, we are Creating Positive & Rewarding Dental Experiences for Patients & their Parents.


Our Mission is to:

  • Own and operate contemporary dental practices designed to provide affordable excellent pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to a broad range of socioeconomic families in the varied communities within which the practices are located, as well as, provide respectable personal income and benefits for the staff and dentists.
  • Provide excellent comprehensive dentistry to children and adolescents encouraging them to practice good home oral care and to appreciate the benefits of excellent professional dental care.
  • Perform our dental services and execute our business policies in such a manner as to result in high patient / parent satisfaction thus promoting an exceptional reputation in our communities especially among our peers in dentistry and medicine.
  • We believe your children deserve the best possible dental care
  • Provide the staff with excellent opportunities for personal growth and professional skill development fostering loyalty and devotion to the sustained success of both the practices and fellow personnel.
  • Provide dental environments for the dentists to mature professionally striving to deliver excellent quality pediatric dentistry and the opportunity to grow personally with leadership, teaching and communication skills.
  • Be respectful to our patients, parents and each other: to treat and speak to others as we would wish to be treated and spoken to.

Our Core Values are:

  • FUN - Having an Enjoyable Job – Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously
  • Teamwork - Works Well & Plays Well with Each Other - Being a Team Mate
  • High Quality - Excellence in our Profession
  • Adaptability – We’re Flexible
  • Friendship – Treating Each Other and our Patients Well
  • Integrity – Doing the Right Thing is Never Wrong
  • Business Performance – Trying Hard to Incorporate Sound Business Principles

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