What Sets Us Apart


All of our pediatric dental practices are built specifically with children in mind. The open bay treatment areas, child friendly themes, and parent friendly atmosphere are designed to enhance your family's dental visit. We strive to deliver fun, caring dental experiences to our patients. We take pride in caring for our community by providing high quality, conveniently accessible, compassionate oral health care.

Our dental team is uniquely qualified to help children feel more comfortable and relaxed during the dental experience. Our dentists and orthodontists are all Board Certified and each team member is highly trained.

  • All of our pediatric dentists and orthodontists are Board Certified
  • We specialize in dental care for infants, children and young adults
  • We understand the unique needs of children
  • We believe your children deserve the best possible dental care
  • We offer convenient locations and hours of operation to suit your family's needs
  • Our treatment facilities are state of the art
  • We highly value an atmosphere of fun, team work and professionalism
  • Most insurances accepted, including Medicaid
  • We have been creating positive and rewarding dental experiences since 1977
  • All of our Pediatric Dentists and Orthodontists are committed to treating our patients according to the highest professional guidelines
  • It's a family tradition in our offices. Dr. Cathers was a patient of Dr. Malcolm Strange and along with Dr. David Strange are following in his very well respected footsteps
  • In our practices, Quality is a #1 priority. The entire dental experience and the dental quality are equally important to us and we are committed to bringing you the best there is to offer. The patients and parents overall experience + board certified excellence in the delivery of pediatric dental care = Quality.

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